Green & polythene free campus

Our Campus is eco-friendly and give our students a healthy and green environment to study and focus on new possiblities for their uprising career. We are strict regarding maintaining hygene and our entire campus is polythene free. Tree and crop plantation activities are carried out for maintaining a healthy and green atmosphere at our campus.


Institute has extensive Workshops and Laboratory facilities in every department with all required equipment and systems to enable the students to conduct practicals properly. The Laboratories are well maintained and are having sufficient number of supporting staff, who are equally well trained and committed to students learning.

Library with E-learning

Generally speaking, the library aims at providing the necessary information and making them available to all the beneficiaries in the appropriate time as well as it seeks affording and organizing balanced sets of books and other information sources to go hand in hand the university curriculum and presenting them the researchers and beneficiaries using the both traditional and modern (electronic) getting back methods.

Computer Lab

Computer center is also responsible for management of Internet bandwidth management and currently 10 Mbps Internet leased line terminates in the computer center from where it is distributed to other departments of the college. The Computer Centre also manages the Campus wide network of the institute.

Digital Class Room

Our School is equipped with E-DAC™ Smartclass™ technology. It is a digital initiative to make available a vast resource of knowledge and content to each class through an interactive multimedia whiteboard, thereby fostering a better understanding and igniting a lifelong love for learning. The technology aims to:

  • Bring abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life.
  • Improve the teacher's effectiveness and productivity.
  • Make learning an enjoyable experience for students.
  • Maximise the academic performance of students.
  • Enable a constant monitoring of your child's progress in class.

Transport Facilites

The college maintains a fleet of buses for transportation of the students & staffs from the nearest locations. The institute is committed to provide its students all the comfort and convenience to help them to achieve their targets. The transport service is just a small effort in this direction.


A well-managed canteen has been established in the campus to cater to extra food needs of the students Tea, Coffee, Cold drinks, Snacks & Fast Foods and Meals are served. A cafeteria is a place where students interact with each other and recreate themselves, So a modern hygienic cafeteria with multi cuisine has been built for the students.

Sports Activities

College is organizing sports meet every year in which different outdoor and indoor games are played like chess, carom, Table Tennis, Badminton,Cricket ,Athletic Etc. Along with this college is organizing annual function every year in the month of December.